Geography General Knowledge

Today, we will discuss  Important General Knowledge Questions on  Geography Facts :

Q.1 The Strait of Kerch joins which two water bodies?

Ans. Sea of Azov & Black Sea 

Explanation:- Look into the map

You can clearly see  into the map that Kerch strait joins Sea of Azov and Black Sea .

Sea of Azov



2. Which of the following State (s) of India is/are share (s) border with 3 countries?
  1. Sikkim
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. West Bengal

Ans. All of the Above .


You can Clearly see that All the above mentioned states shares their boundary with 3 international countries .


WB shares it’s border with Bhutan , Bangladesh and Nepal

Arunachal Pradesh share it’s border with China , Myanmar and Bhutan

Sikkim share it’s boundary with China , Nepal and Bhutan . 


Question 3 .  Abdul Kalam Island is Located in ?


  1. West Bengal .
  2. Odisha
  3. A.P.
  4. Tamil Nadu


Ans . Odisha

Abdul Kalam Island is located in Odisha state .

Abdul Kalam Island, formerly known as Wheeler Island, is an island off the coast of Odisha, India, approximately 150 kilometers (93 mi) from the state capital Bhubaneshwar.

Abdul Kalam Island is located in the Bay of Bengal approximately 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) off the eastern coast of India and about 70 kilometres (43 mi) south of Chandipur in Balasore district, Odisha.


Question 4 . In which State/UT does the Spanggur Lake lie?


  1. Ladakh
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Sikkim
  4. Tamil Nadu



You can clearly See in the map that spanggur lake lies south of  Pangong Tso Lake and is situated in Ladakh UT.


Question 5. Where Pratas &Paracel Island is situated ?


Ans. It is Situated in South China Sea . Please take a look into the map and you can clearly visualise that these islands are situated in South China Sea .


Question 6. Identify Places Given Below on Given Map of Gujarat ?

A ) 1.Mundra Port 2.Somnath 3. Gulf of Khambat

B ) 1. Somnath ,2. Gulf of Khambat 3.Kandla Port

C ) 1.Kandla Port 2.Gulf of Khambat 3.Somnath

D ) 1. Somnath 2. Gulf of Khambat 3. Kandla Port

Answer to this question is Option A


Question 7. Assam Shares it’s Boundary with how many Countries ?


In the North East Map Shown Above , You can see that Assam Shares it’s boundary with Sikkim and bangladesh . 


Question 8 . Gandhi Peace Prize for the year 2021 has been Awarded To ?

Ans . Gita Press ,Gorakhpur


Question 9 . Which Continent has landmass in all four hemispheres?


  1. Europe
  2. North America
  3. Asia
  4. Africa

Ans . Africa

You can see in the map below that zero degree (prime meridian ) and zero degree (Latitude) equator , both passes from Africa and divides the continent . So, the answer to this question is Africa .


Q.10 Dead Sea is Situated Between which two countries ?
  1. Israel and Lebanon
  2. Syria & Turkey
  3. Israel and Jordan
  4. D. Syria and Iraq


Answer to this question is Israel and Jordan .

Dead Sea lies between Israel and Jordan


Q11. Normally, Around what point of time during 24hrs, Minimum Temp. is Recorded at any place ?


  1. At 2 A.M.
  2. At 3 A.M
  3. At 4 A.M
  4. Just before Sunrise


Ans . Option D “Just before Sunrise”

Explanation :-

The Earth’s surface absorbs solar radiation during the day and re-emits it as heat energy at night, contributing to the cooling of the planet.

Now , from sunset to just at the time of sunrise , earth radiates it’s heat .

Now, just around sunrise when incoming solar radiation becomes equal to outgoing heat energy from surface , minimum temp. is calculated .

And , after sunrise incoming heat is way more than than outgoing and thus temp starts rising .


Question 12. Total number of National Holidays in our Country, is ?
  1. one
  2. Two
  3. Three
  4. Four

Answer :- Three

India has three national holidays. The country celebrates Independence Day on 15th August, Republic Day on 26th January and Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October every year, which are duly marked as national holidays for the entire country.


Q13.  Bhutan Shares it’s Borders with how many Indian State ?
  1. 1




Answer : D

Explanation :- In the above Shown map of North East India , you can  clearly see that , Assam, Sikkim,West bengal and arunachal Pradesh share it’s Borders with Bhutan

Q14. The longest Coast line is of which Indian State?


  1. Gujarat
  2. Tamil Nadu
  3. Maharashtra
  4. Karnataka

Annswer to this Question is Gujarat

Gujarat Coastline Length is 1600km , longest in india ,followed by TN,AP &MH

Tamil Nadu coastline length is 1076 km .

Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra has 972 km & 720 km respectively .


Q15.  Which River flows through Grand Canyon ?


  1. Colorado River
  2. Mississipi
  3. Nile
  4. Yukon


Answer to this question is Colarado River .


Q.16 . Which Country gifted the ” Statue Of Liberty” to USA in 1886 ?
  1. France
  2. UK
  3. Germany
  4. Japan

Ans – France


17. What is the highest peak in Africa?
  1. Mt. Elgon

B . Mt. Meru

C . Mt. Kilimanjaro

  1. Mt. Kenya

Answer :- Mt. Kilimanjaro is the correct answer . It is situated in Tanzania .


18.  Which is the Landlocked Country in Given Option.
  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Laos
  4. Iran

Answer is Laos .Except Laos all countries opens to Indian Ocean .


Q.19 Which of the following States doesn’t share it’s border with Myanmar ?
  1. Assam
  2. Arunachal Pradesh
  3. Nagaland
  4. Manipur

Answer :- Assam . If you can see the map shown of North East India above in this article you can clearly see that Assam doesn’t share it’s boundaries with Myanmar but other Indian States given in the option does . 


Q.20. World International Yoga Day is celebrated on ?
  1. 21stjune
  2. 23rd March
  3. 22nd April
  4. 21st July

Answer:- A

On 21st june every year , International yoga Day is celebrated .


Q21. The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is ?


  1. Brahmaputra valley
  2. Indo-Gangetic valley
  3. Deccan Plateau
  4. None Of these

Answer :- Deccan Plateau 


Q22. Mountain Range in the eastern Part of India which forms it’s boundary with Myanmar ?


  1. Purvanchal
  2. Uttarakhand
  3. Himachal
  4. None of these

Answer : Purvanchal


Q23. Newly Built Hoolongi Airport is located in ?
  1. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Assam
  3. Sikkim
  4. Mizoram

Answer:- Arunachal Pradesh . This airport is situated in Itanagar of Arunachal Pradesh . It is also Known as Doniyo Polo Airport .


Q.24  Which of the Indian States shares border with Nepal And Bangladesh Both ?
  1. Sikkim
  2. West Bengal
  3. Assam
  4. Bihar

Answer to this question is West Bengal . In the above given map of North East India , we can clearly see that West bengal touches both Nepal and Bangladesh .


Q25. Which Country in World is Known as Land of Midnight Sun ?


  1. Norway
  2. Japan
  3. Austria
  4. Australia

Ans:- Norway 

The midnight sun is a natural occurrence that takes place in the summer period in the northern parts of the Arctic Circle and the southern parts of the Antarctic Circle.Midnight Sun is defined as the sun above the horizon at midnight in the arctic or antartic zone .

Norway has acquired the name of the Land of Midnight Sun, as Norway experiences the natural phenomena called the midnight sun because some parts of the country experience sunshine throughout 24 hrs a day ,till whole summer season .


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